I am a young webdesigner with many year's experience in web communication.
I design, realize and renew websites, mobile and e-commerce sites as well as customer areas. I can offer stylistic and technical accuracy: added values which ensure you will have a customized product meeting your needs. Moreover, I can offer a series of services which take care of your image.
  realization of photo-services for any purpose
  text writing
  realization of animation trailers in Flash technology
  scanning of photos and/or negatives
  realization of photomontages to create image studies
  digital restoration of old pictures to give them back their original beauty
  editing of film segments which may be inserted directly in your website
  graphic designing of logos, brands, coordinated images and advertising pages
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  • My name's L.G., 47, and I have greatly appreciated Space 1999 ever since it was broadcasted on Rai in 1976. I have visited your website [Moonbase '99] and I have found it really attractive.
    I send you my best compliments and I also thank you for the emotions I have experienced while surfing on your website.
  • Hello Claudio, you are an excellent web page designer. I really like the BB Eden website. Extremely creative. Like the hummingbirds especially; also your visions are somewhat magical, I like that. Most hotel web sites are extremely dull; when I saw the Eden web site, I knew I had to stay there...
    Michael G. - Professor of Economics - The Univ of Memphis
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    Claudio Pisu
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