The world we live in is crowded with people who start doing everything... it is hard and difficult to show the difference!
How about me
I am a young webdesigner with a second level university degree and a first-level master in preservation of Cultural Heritage. One of my great passions is photography. I have learnt by myself how to use those tools which have then become my daily working tools. Such tools have moved with the times and technological evolution and sometimes it is hard to cope with such rapid progress.
I started buidling up my career in various environments which led me to my current position of self-employed professional. Moreover, I have further improved my skills and knowledge over the years.

Choosing me means choosing a person who is able to understand your needs in a precise and professional way in order to offer you a comprehensive service which takes into account even the smallest details from website to reserved areas to e-commerce websites.

The designing and the construction of the website (ex novo or re-styling) or the digitalizing are not the only personal goal. We also offer a series of services whose main goal is to take care of your image:
  "handcrafted"graphic designing of your website: a customized solution for each single customer
  realization of a photographic service for any purpose (i.e. website or advertising image)
  realization of animation trailers in Flash technology to present your activity in the most efficient way or to show the potential of a product as well
  digitalizing of documents, photos and/or negatives
  creation of photomontages for image studies
  editing of film segments which may be inserted directly in your website
  graphic designing of advertising pages, coordinated images (from the envelope to the banner for exhibitions)
If the graphic programming is designed for the press, files will be directly provided in the format requested.